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WESTCHESTER, Ill. — To make sure it stays in tune with its buyers' needs, Insurance Auto Auctions announced recently that it has appointed J.D. Power and Associates to conduct a third-party, independent benchmarking study that will focus on buyer preferences and overall satisfaction.

"IAA chose J.D. Power and Associates to lead this study because of their extensive research history in both the property and casualty markets and automotive manufacturing industry," commented Tom O'Brien, chief executive officer of IAA.

"We believe that we are the first company in our industry to conduct an independent third-party study of this magnitude. It is a clear indication of our understanding that providing best-in-class products and services to our buyers is essential to maximizing returns for our sellers," he continued.

O'Brien added: "Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an objective measurement of service and buyer preferences in the industry. The results will ultimately guide our direction in how we provide products and services to remain well-aligned with the evolving needs of our global buyers."

Beta Version of Mobile Product

In other news from the company, IAA introduced a beta version of Mobile CSAToday, a specially designed Web site that allows IAA vehicle providers to access key tools and features through any mobile phone that has Internet capability.

"As a technology leader, IAA has a history of being nimble and moving forward with creative solutions so that our vehicle provider customers can better manage their businesses," O'Brien noted. "This was a collaborative effort with our provider customers who are naturally on-the-go.

"We believe this is just the beginning for IAA to introduce mobile solutions that connect people, data, and technology in the auto salvage industry," he added.  

Mobile CSAToday, which is slated to officially launch in the next quarter, is designed to give provider customers:

—Vehicle searches and inquiries at any of IAA's more than 150 facilities throughout North America.

—Real-time data that will enhance communication among all parties by offering vehicle notes visibility and access.

—Average salvage value queries from IAA's comprehensive warehouse of salvage auction data.

—VIN decoding capabilities for any type of automobile.

—Ability to locate IAA branch offices and storage locations easily.

Essentially, this information can help IAA provider customers improve the claims experience for their customers and cut down the cycle times of claims, according to officials.