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WESTCHESTER, Ill.  — A bill in the Texas legislature was recently amended to include exemptions benefiting the salvage industry, and sharing Tuesday how it helped pushed this amendment through was Insurance Auto Auctions.

IAA said it successfully revised a provision to Texas Senate Bill 1095 that specifies that salvage dealers and insurance companies that sell used-vehicle parts do not have be to be licensed as auto recyclers, provided that selling used parts is incidental to business of the salvage dealer or insurance company.

Moreover, IAA urged that in the proposed rule, the definition of a salvage dealer correspond with the definition in the code.

Officials noted that the final edition of the rule, published Jan. 8, included both of these amendments. The original bill was signed June 19.

"We are proactive when it comes to legislative matters that impact our industry throughout the entire country," stated Tom O'Brien, chief executive officer of IAA.

"Insurance Auto Auctions will continue to support the salvage industry by way of legislation and regulation that responsibly moves the industry forward and benefits participants," he added.

IAA noted that it collaborates with state and federal governments via registered lobbyists "to facilitate legislation and regulation that ensures responsible business conduct and healthy expansion of the salvage auto auction industry."

The company said it follows codes and laws potentially impacting the salvage auction industry very closely.