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WESTCHESTER, Ill. — Insurance Auto Auctions introduced an all-new advanced search tool so dealers and bidders can better find vehicles on its site.

Executives explained that the tool now can offer hundreds of different search options that can enable buyers to find exactly what they want to bid on and buy faster and easier.

Furthermore, IAA added that the tool now has mouse-over technology to facilitate the new public buyer registration procedure.

This process can indicate the percentage of vehicles currently available for purchase by the public and the total number of units ready for auction on a state-by-state basis.

Also, company executives noted that if a particular state does not allow public bidding, IAA can provide the option to purchase through a licensed reseller.

IAA emphasized that the new tool at iaai.com was designed based on extensive customer feedback from its global Buyer Advisory Council and IAA's Buyer Customer Support Team.

"We take great pride in producing an online experience for our buying customers that they helped design," stated Tom O'Brien, chief executive officer of IAA.

"That's exactly what happened with our new vehicle search function. Sometimes buyers have a general idea as to what they are looking to bid on and buy, while other times they have very specific requirements," O'Brien continued.

"Our new Advanced Search tool enables both broad and specific searches. The flexible technology behind this feature will enable IAA to further expand search options as vehicle models and options change in the future," he concluded.