Orbee has announced an integration with One Auction View, an auction management platform for dealerships, to give dealers a clearer view of what vehicles their customers want.

The collaboration, Orbee said, aims to bring data-driven decision-making to the process of acquiring vehicles through auctions, giving dealerships that use One Auction View’s proprietary software real-time visibility into used car shopping trends, enabling them to “more intelligently and profitably identify and source cars listed at auction.”

One Auction View is designed to help dealers spend less time searching for inventory and find the right units wherever they present themselves, and includes a “fully integrated end-to-end transport solution.” The company said its platform saves dealers an average of more than 6 hours a day searching for used cars.

“Our system has fundamentally transformed the way dealerships engage with auctions by giving them a single view into all the vehicles available everywhere,” One Auction View founder and CEO Skye Haulman said. “With Orbee analytics, we will be able to recommend which cars available at auction match their customer demand in real time, increasing turn rate and profits.”

Orbee said its integrated analytics will offer dealerships recommendations on which cars they should concentrate on based on actual website activity, speeding up dealers’ selection process and

By leveraging this data, dealers can make more informed decisions about which vehicles to prioritize in the One Auction View digital auction space. The analytics will reveal which vehicles are most popular among customers, allowing dealers to bid on vehicles that are more likely to drive traffic and engagement on their websites.

“Orbee’s integration with One Auction View bridges how dealers choose the cars they buy at auction with what their customers are signaling through their interactions,” Orbee chief commercial officer Peter Fong said. “With limited inventory and higher prices, it’s more important than ever to make sure they have the right vehicles for their shoppers, and now they can tap into every auction with better data.”