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BRAMALEA, Ontario — To give its dealers another strong selling point and to foster customer loyalty, Jaguar Canada has rolled out its Jaguar Platinum Coverage customer care package that enhances the automaker's warranty coverage and gives consumers a maintenance program that the automaker calls the industry's strongest.

The customer care package, which comes standard on its entire 2011 lineup in Canada and the U.S., is being launched at the same time Jaguar is debuting its new flagship model, the 2011 XJ. The rollout of this vehicle puts the final touch on what Jaguar calls its "modern lineup renewal."

So, what does the Jaguar Platinum Coverage plan entail? According to officials, it includes a five-year, 80,000-kilometer warranty. There is complimentary scheduled maintenance available for the entire warranty period, with free replacement of select wear-and-tear components and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Oil changes, filters, brake pads, brake discs, brake fluids and wiper blade insert are among the items included in the no-cost coverage, officials said.

With the "complete revitalization," Jaguar's 2011 lineup includes the XF sports sedan and XK coupe, in addition to the XJ luxury sedan.

"The Jaguar Platinum Coverage offers exceptional customer care and dealership service that is representative of an exceptional brand," suggested Gary Moyer, president of Jaguar Canada.

"Jaguar's modern lineup of beautiful fast cars is now coupled with the best-in-class warranty and maintenance package in the luxury segment and we believe this will result in long-term loyalty from our customers," he added. "We are Jaguar and we are committed to providing the extraordinary level of customer satisfaction our customers expect and deserve."

Officials stressed that wear-and-tear items include only the following: brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid changes and wiper blade inserts based on factory specified wear limits.

An authorized Jaguar dealer must complete the work.