Automotive finance and insurance product company JM&A Group announced Tuesday the launch of a new plan designed for lease and short-term vehicle owners.

Term Care Select offers drivers mechanical failure protection on the majority of mechanical components, as well as wear-and-tear coverage on items such as brake pads, batteries, headlamps, belts and hoses, fuses, light bulbs and windshield wiper blades, according to company officials.

“Term Care Select allows us to give our dealers the exact fit of exceptional service and coverage for their customers,” said Forrest Heathcott, president of JM&A Group.

“The plan combines the best of our services to provide new-car owners the added comfort and security they need if the unexpected happens,” he added.

Moreover, the new product gives customers access to a complimentary Driver’s OneCard membership.

This allows consumers to utilize the benefits offered through the Cross Country Motor Club, Inc. program, which includes key replacement, 24-hour roadside assistance, lockout protection and trip interruption, among other travel discounts and aid.

The company also noted this new program is an “evolution of JM&A Group’s successful Lease Care and Courtesy Care products.”

The product will be provided to dealers through Fidelity Warranty Services, Inc.

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