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LAFAYETTE, Colo., and ORANGE, Calif. — Two vendors dealers have utilized to improve various for parts of operations are joining forces to better serve their clients.

KPA and TK Carsites announced Monday that they have entered into a strategic partnership.

Basically, this will blend KPA's environmental, health, safety and HR compliance and risk management services with the front-end marketing and Web-site development capabilities of TK Carsites, according to the companies. 

KPA has more 3,000 dealers using their services to manage risk and cost involving environmental, health, safety and human resources issues, while TK Carsites strives to provide a marketing platform so dealers can grow their businesses.

The partnership means KPA will provide TK Carsites with growth capital and inclusion of TK Carsites' Web services in the suite of services it markets to its dealer clients.

Officials also mentioned a move that was completed soon after the partnership was finalized. TK Carsites purchased Hasai LLC, a social media marketing firm with clients in automotive and other industries. The purchase continues TK Carsites' investment into state-of-the-art social media and marketing services for clients.

"We're in a situation that we've never been in before thanks to the partnership with KPA," explained Richard Valenta, chief executive officer at TK Carsites.

"Integrating their strengths into ours will help both companies tap into opportunities previously inaccessible," Valenta continued.

"With their financial strength, 3,000 dealers and dealer association endorsements, we believe we will be able to quickly scale our services and provide great value to a broader set of clients, including large dealer groups," he added.

Meanwhile for KPA, company executives contend that the partnership means allows them to engage with current and future automotive clients with a more complete offering. They said combining compliance services and human resource software with marketing products and services can help dealers to consolidate services to a few trusted providers.

"As a trusted partner of more than 3,000 clients for environment, safety and HR services, we understand the need for dealerships to find a trusted partner for their Internet marketing," noted Vane Clayton, CEO of KPA.

"After extensive due diligence we found that TK Carsites is the right partner for dealerships to increase Internet-related leads and sales by becoming a leader in search-engine optimization and social media in their respective markets," Clayton went on to point out.

"TK's ability to improve a dealer's ranking in the major search engines and provide related auto and dealer information through social media for prospective buyers is unmatched in the industry," Clayton continued.

Dealers can learn more about this new partnership during the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association Convention in February in Orlando, Fla. KPA and TK Carsites will be hosting training seminars on social media, SEO, lead generation, wage and hour law, federal Department of Labor regulatory changes, and how to stay ahead of upcoming OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations.

"For me, the most exciting aspect of the partnership is in exchanging best practice ideas," said JD Rucker, chief marketing officer for TK Carsites.

"With our combined strength in the automotive dealer market, we will be able to provide even more value and return on investment to our clients through our strategic partnership," Rucker concluded.