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MIAMI — LeaseTrader.com said that the time it takes to transfer a lease through the site has almost been cut in half thanks largely to new services and efficiencies from the company.

Specifically, LeaseTrader.com contends that the average lease transfer on the site currently takes 13.4 days, compared with 26.2 days last year.

The company pointed to better efficiencies between the LeaseTrader.com transfer department and the lease companies' customer service divisions as a major reason for the improvement. Moreover, LeaseTrader.com said an enhanced third-party inspection service, auto insurance and its partnership with uShip.com have also helped to make processing cross-country transfers that much easier.

"Lease companies are realizing a bigger need to process transfers at a quicker pace to satisfy people in all kinds of changing automotive needs," explained Sergio Stiberman, chief executive officer and founder of LeaseTrader.com.

"Especially in today's economy where many people need a way out of a car lease they can't afford, it's good to know they now have a shorter time to get it processed by their leasing company," he added.

Additionally, the company attributed its increase in transfer efficiency can to more customers utilizing the VIP Concierge program, which features advanced vehicle marketing, expedited inspection services and platinum-level transportation quotes for car leases.