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MIAMI — Tax returns could prove to be more influential in consumers deciding to go after a lease this year, according to LeaseTrader.com.

The site is projecting that during tax-return season "confidence through the arrival of a tax return" will be the impetus for almost a quarter of leases, compared with 14.3 percent in 2005.

Not only will consumers become more confident as tax returns arrive, but there are also "attractive" deals on the market right now as well.

For instance, LeaseTrader.com points to a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta deal on its site with 26 months remaining on the lease going for $197 per month in addition to incentives.

There is also a 2010 Toyota Camry available on LeaseTrader.com for $166 per month.

On the retail level, there is a $190 per-month lease deal for a 2010 Honda Civic with incentives included as well.

"With a much more stable credit landscape and increased confidence in projected values, it's currently a very good time to lease a vehicle," stated Sergio Stiberman, chief executive officer and founder of LeaseTrader.com.

"The tax return arrival combined with growing consumer confidence and attractive lease deals should fuel more leasing activity this year," he added.