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SAN FRANCISCO — LiveVox, a provider of hosted-dialer solutions, recently upgraded its custom multi-number dialing strategy suite.

Company executives highlighted that now credit and collection call centers can build dialing strategies of up to 30 numbers per account. They believe the suite can better leverage information from skip-trace vendors.

LiveVox went on to explained how the upgrade can enable organizations to customize how many numbers are dialed and in what order. The company indicated that variables such as portfolio, delinquency, balance, score or customer-specific-data fields can dictate how far into the 30 numbers the system dials. The system is geared to exhaust all numbers for highest potential accounts and fewer for lower scored accounts.

Previously, LiveVox noted that its system enabled firms to dial up to 10 numbers for each account.

The company pointed out that it developed and released the enhancement after it was initially requested by a large, leading third-party agency who received up to 30 numbers from a major credit card provider for high balance accounts.

"This is one of many examples of how LiveVox clients have a direct influence on our feature development based on their changing business needs," stated Louis Summe, chief executive officer of LiveVox.

"Without LiveVox the only way an organization can efficiently dig this deeply into high balance accounts is if their existing dialer or collection applications can support 30 numbers," Summe continued.

"Organizations should be focused on improving campaign strategies and agent training, not the constraints of physical infrastructure," he added.

LiveVox stressed that credit and collections firms often receive more phone numbers from skip vendors than they can or will use. The company believes its dialer enhancement can prevent the wasting of resources on low potential accounts while better utilizing information on high potential accounts.

"With LiveVox, agencies and creditors will have the opportunity to greatly improve the way they approach contact strategies for their most valuable accounts," noted John McNamara, chief marketing officer for LiveVox.

"Organizations now have the flexibility to more comprehensively penetrate their most valuable accounts. Vertical dialing is limited and often results in over-dialing easily accessible accounts. Now agencies and creditors can match agent effort with account potential," McNamara went on to highlight.

"Combined with skills-based routing, this positions agencies to match the right contact with the right agent at the right time," McNamara concluded.