Manheim has acquired the undercarriage imaging technology of Synthetik Applied Technologies, the auction company said Monday. 

Manheim partnered with Synthetik in 2022, installing close to 40 of its undercarriage imaging devices at 26 of its auctions and captured some 500,000 images.

The devices are affixed to the ground and take digital photographs of a vehicle’s undercarriage as it drives over.

The company said the technology will allow for faster and more consistent undercarriage inspections.

Manheim will continue to use the devices both within its Fyusion-based fixed imaging tunnels and outside the tunnels, a spokesperson confirmed. For instance, some locations may use the devices during vehicle check-ins.

The company did not acquire the entire Synthetik company, just the imaging technology only, a spokesperson confirmed.

“Alongside Fyusion’s best-in-class imaging, the purchase of Synthetik’s undercarriage imaging technology is an important step in Manheim’s journey to give clients the most comprehensive vehicle view in the industry,” said Grace Huang, president of Cox Automotive’s inventory Solutions that includes Manheim, in a news release.

“These investments will give buyers an enhanced level of trust, consistency and transparency in vehicle conditions, enabling them to make more informed buying decisions.”

Manheim Digital senior vice president Zach Hallowell added: “The future of vehicle imaging is now. As we continue to deploy our fixed imaging tunnels, the combination of undercarriage images and photos that capture virtually every angle will give clients a complete 360° exterior picture of the vehicles they want to purchase; a view that is unmatched in the wholesale industry.”

Terms of the purchase were not dislcosed, but the spokesperson said: “This is part of Manheim’s continued investments to deliver clients the most comprehensive view of the vehicle in the industry.”