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ATLANTA — On Wednesday, Manheim praised the widespread implementation by its fellow National Auto Auction Association members of NAAA's revamped arbitration policy, which Manheim said it has supported since its inception and had implemented at all of its auctions as of Jan. 1.

In fact, David Munnikhuysen, Manheim's vice president for strategic initiatives, was a member of the NAAA committee that helped craft the standards. He also helped explained the policy to NAAA members at the association's recent convention.

"We're delighted that ADESA and others have joined Manheim in coming together to support the arbitration policy that NAAA has worked so hard to create," noted Mike Broe, Manheim's executive vice president of U.S. operations.

"Manheim will continue to support the policy, and we know that our customers will appreciate the level of consistency that comes with industry-wide adoption of the policy," he continued. "Our teams at each of our locations have been trained on this policy, and we encourage customers to feel free to ask questions on their next auction visit."

Explaining the policy in more detail, NAAA president David Angelicchio said its purpose is to boost confidence of both buyers and sellers at auction by cutting down the confusion that often resulted from different locations having different arbitration policies.

"What we're striving for is a simple, fair and consistent process that all remarketing industry participants can expect no matter where they do business in-lane and online," Angelicchio pointed out.

"Manheim's involvement in developing the new arbitration policy was instrumental, and we're especially pleased to see the industry as a whole step up to support this policy," he added. "As we start a new year, this is a significant development for buyers, sellers and auctions."

Manheim said its adoption of the NAAA policy is consistent with its goal to make the remarketing process as seamless as can be. It aims to accomplish this by promoting accuracy and consistency throughout its physical locations and online channels.   

With this mission in mind, Manheim also noted that it has launched a new section of its Web site — www.manheimresources.com/policies — for customers to learn about all of its policies in one place. This includes information on the NAAA arbitration policy as well as location-specific guidelines and information about Manheim's national buy-back guarantee, and post-sale inspection policy, just to name a few items.