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SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. — It's safe to say every manager who's tasked with remarketing vehicles within their own respective auto finance companies has one goal in common — to sell the most amount of repossessed vehicles at the highest return within the shortest period of time. 

Historically, having available sale-ready negotiable titles within a timely basis has always been the biggest bottleneck in that effort. 

We see the titling business as one of the most important pieces in the vehicle remarketing process. While our name Michigan Auto Title Services reflects the state of Michigan, we are far more than just a state-wide titling service. In fact, having processed more than a million titles within the past 10 years for client in every state in the U.S., we've become one of the largest repossession title servicing companies in the country.  

"For as long as the company has been around, we've continued to invest in various related technologies and process improvements that have proven to be the exact needed ingredients to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing industry," explained Paula Kozey, co-owner of MATS 

"As a result, we're now providing some of the quickest title turn times at the most cost-competitive prices that you'll find anywhere throughout the entire industry," she continued. 

With budget cuts impacting every facet of governmental agency services, state DMVs have been forced to provide similar services of the past but now with reduced staff. Consequently, we've sought out opportunities to work together with DMVs to help with their current challenges and as a result, brought about benefits not only to them but as a growing value-added business to us as well. 

Through partnering with Computerized Vehicle Registration, a California-based company, we are now electronically connected to the DMV in Michigan and Indiana. By meeting the stringent qualifying criteria as an approved title service provider, we're now able to obtain a repo title in less than one week on any vehicle regardless of the state it's being offered for sale. 

Furthermore, MATS also partnered with RDN where lien holders can apply for titles with point 'n' click access and image scanning from the convenience of Web access via their work stations.   

"Our most recent milestone has been integrating with the Indiana DMV. This process was much like the one we were instrumental in developing with the state of Michigan," Kozey noted. 

"Beyond providing repo titles to the numerous prominent auto finance companies domiciled in Michigan, we're now able to provide Indiana titles to vehicle selling needs across the country for any financial institution regardless of where they are domiciled," she added. 

MATS is proud for having championed this effort to provide repo titles through these two state platforms not only saving significant time in securing negotiable titles but equally important, remaining as cost effective as any in the industry. 

MATS is currently working on another project that will save lien holders further time and money relative to data sharing with participating DMVs.