AUSTIN, Texas -

Stating that it is working to help auto reconditioning companies acquire more business and increase revenue, auto reconditioning business platform Mobile Tech RX has acquired auto industry virtual chat engine, Claimbot.

Mobile Tech RX users will soon be able to use Claimbot’s chat engine, powered by artificial intelligence. Those users will be able to automate conversations with potential customers visiting their websites and Facebook pages.

With the automated chats, businesses will be able to gather information from potential customers and deliver work estimates and schedule appointments in real-time. According to Mobile Tech RX, that will take place without any work required from employees.

The Claimbot and Mobile Tech RX synergy will help business owners streamline their lead generation processes, rather than relying on website forms, text messages, and inbound phone calls to generate new business. Mobile Tech RX says automated chat technology will help auto recon businesses scale up, personalize customer interactions, and be proactive at the same time.

 “The auto recon industry is primed for a leap forward,” Mobile Tech RX chief executive officer and co-founder, Eric Garves said in a news release.

Garves continued, “Adding Claimbot’s automated chatbot technology to the Mobile Tech RX platform will help technicians and business owners focus on their core competencies and leave time-intensive and repetitive tasks for a chatbot. Mobile Tech RX’s acquisition of Claimbot will push the industry forward into greater efficiency and innovation, and it will help businesses scale.”

Claimbot founder and chief executive officer Miguel Fernandez said businesses can no longer rely on foot traffic. They must provide scalable, self-service products for their customers to request service.

“Integrating with Mobile Tech RX makes triggering an estimate and scheduling a job just a couple clicks away,” Fernandez said.

Mobile Tech RX says its acquisition of Claimbot is a step toward providing the auto reconditioning industry with technology to promote efficiency, growth, and scale.