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McLEAN, Va. — NADA Used Car Guide is offering a free online seminar this week that can show dealers strategies for improving their appraisal processes.

The "Best Practices for a Dealer's Appraisal Process" will be held at 1 p.m. (EST) Tuesday and is designed to demonstrate how vital the right appraisal can be in boosting customer satisfaction and dealers' bottom lines.

It will be presented by Stu Zalud, NADA Used Car Guide's director of dealer services, and is slated to last an hour.

NADA Used Car Guide pointed to research that indicates that more than half of customers weren't particularly happy with their most recent trade-in experience, so the seminar aims to help in that area.

"Stu Zalud, our presenter and a 38-year veteran of the dealership world, will discuss how a standardized appraisal process can increase customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line," officials emphasized.

"With information being readily available to both consumers and dealers alike, Stu will show why it's important to use a realistic value based on current market conditions whenever buying, selling or trading," they added.

More specifically, the online workshop will share tips on how to:

—Put key market data at your fingertips with appraisal tools, such as NADA AppraisalPRO.

—Interpret and apply market data to reach a precise trade number through a clearly defined and explainable process.

—Clearly show your customer how you arrived at a trade number that reflects current market conditions and possibly refutes erroneous information that a consumer may have found during research before coming in to the dealership.

Officials encourage used car managers, general managers, sales managers and dealer principals to attend.

To register, visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/698771459.