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DALLAS — Executives from eLead plan to roll out a new price structure for their CRM and marketing solution.

They indicated the structure will be a bundle of solutions packaged together. It's aimed at improving dealership performance and strategic relationships within every department.

Because of this new plan, eLead contends that dealers can lower costs and increase efficiency.

"We recognize that dealers are searching for ways to write fewer checks and cash more of them," explained Bill Wittenmyer, vice president of eLead.

"We've bundled a full circle product suite of completely integrated automotive solutions," Wittenmyer continued.

"Dealers will make more money with one tool and spend less time and effort navigating through separate applications," he added.

Executives from eLead plan to share more details about the solution bundle during the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention and Expo next month in Orlando, Fla.

During the event, the company also will showcase the suite of products it launched last year. Among the offerings from eLead are GoldDigger 2.0, LotPulse 2.0, Quick Quote and AutoPilot.