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NEW YORK — As part of reaching its 100th anniversary, the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association received a special honor from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The mayor made the proclamation that Feb. 24 is now to be recognized as Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association Day during a ceremony in the Blue Room at City Hall. 

Bloomberg praised the association and its members for a century of demonstrated commitment to the improvement of the industry and community. 

The mayor's proclamation also commended the association for its dedication to education and training to ensure a highly skilled work force and its outreach to encourage the most efficient and ethical practices so consumers can make well-informed decisions.

To celebrate the milestone further, association leadership announced that they're underwriting an exhibition called "Cars, Culture & the City" at the Museum of the City of New York.

The association explained that the exhibit showcases the relationship between New York residents and their vehicles. Officials plan to feature visionary drawings and models, historic photographs, films and advertisements and a wealth of vehicle memorabilia, including artifacts supplied by dealers throughout greater New York.

The special exhibit opens on March 25 and runs until Aug. 1.

"On Feb. 24, 1910, a group of New York automobile retailers realized that in order to shape and steer the retail industry it was necessary to work together," stated current association chairman Brian Miller.

"William Kouwenhoven, Burt Phillips, Joseph Rourk, Clifford Bishop, and I. Cleveland Kirkham presided over the first meeting of the Brooklyn Motor Vehicle Dealers Association at 1384 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, which began a 100-year journey of support and advocacy for the retail auto industry in greater New York," Miller continued.

"This newly formed association subsequently became the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association," he went on to say.

Miller also emphasized the critical role the association play in business activity throughout the city and region.

"As GNYADA celebrates its 100th birthday, it stands as one of the leading organizations of its kind," Miller contended. "We survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, as well as the oil crisis of the '70s, and we will continue to persevere through the current economic crises.

"The retail dealers that make up this association are the entrepreneurs who epitomize the American Dream, and have helped transform the way New Yorkers live, work and play," Miller concluded.