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FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Nissan said Wednesday morning that it is recalling close to 540,000 trucks and minivans throughout the world — a substantial portion of which are in the U.S. — to inspect and, if necessary, fix brake pedal pins and fuel-gauge components on the vehicles.

The automaker emphasized that there have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the issues.

Explaining the recall in more detail, Nissan noted that it basically boils down to two separate issues.

First, officials said that in three reported instances, brake pedal pins partially disengaged, and this kept the vehicle from being able to brake normally.

According to Nissan, the core of the problem is a manufacturing error by the supplier. The automaker stressed that all units currently on sale do not have this issue. Potentially affected units are the 2008 through 2010 model-year Nissan Titan, Armada and Quest vehicles, as well as the 2008 through 2010 Infiniti QX45.

Of the 204,785 units being recalled for brake-pin issues, 178,916 are in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the second issue deals with fuel-engage components and is unrelated to the brake-pin issue. Basically, the fuel gauges on higher-mileage units may not correctly show how much fuel is in the vehicle.

So, the gauge may read that fuel level is greater than empty, but the vehicle may be completely out of gas.

Potentially affected vehicles include 2005 through 2008 model-year Nissan Titan and Armada, as well as the Infiniti QX56 from the same model years.

Nissan noted that 418,865 of the 472,118 potentially impacted units are in the U.S.

"At Nissan, we're committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers," said Kevin Martin, vice president of total customer satisfaction for Nissan North America.

"We regret any inconveniences that our customers may experience as we take these precautions," he added.

The automaker pointed out that starting this month, it will begin notifying owners of vehicles potentially affected by the brake-pedal pin issue as to when they can bring their rides to a Nissan or Infiniti dealership, where a quick, simple visual inspection will be completed. If need be, the store will make the repair.

Nissan will also let owners of models with potential fuel-gauge issues know when they can bring their vehicle to the dealership to be fixed. Until that time, the automaker advises these customers to always keep at least a half tank of gas in their vehicles.

The automaker also urges Nissan owners to contact its consumer affairs department at 1-800-NISSAN 1 and Infiniti owners to call 1-800-662-6200. Or, they can also reach out to their local Nissan or Infiniti dealer.