An online vehicle shopping website set to debut this summer named its chief executive officer on Monday whose previous industry experience includes time at companies such as JM Family Enterprises.

Taking over the role effective immediately for GoGoCar is Stanley Thomas, co-founder and managing principal of T3, an automotive consulting firm that helps startups, medium-sized growth companies and large enterprise companies grow their teams, solutions and revenue in the automotive space. 

GoGoCar founder Tony Urrutia hired T3 Consulting Group to help launch the company, which says it’s “on a mission to change the way consumers buy and dealers sell vehicles online.”

After being instrumental in the planning of the company, GoGoCar is asking Thomas to be responsible for the strategic direction of the new company, as well as developing and securing funding, building strategic partnerships, hiring and managing the GoGoCar team, and finally launching and introducing the new platform to the industry.

GoGoCar emphasized that consumer frustration with the current vehicle-buying process and the growing importance of online research and negotiations are creating a unique shift in the automotive landscape.

According to a recent Accenture survey of more 10,000 vehicle buyers, three-quarters of the respondents stated “if given the opportunity, they would consider making their entire car-buying process online, including financing, price negotiation, back-office paperwork and home delivery.”

GoGoCar insisted it is committed to “making this need a reality” by introducing a platform that can give customers the ability to complete all research, paperwork and negotiations online, and only visit the dealership to either test drive or take ownership of their vehicle.

 “Our vision is to simplify the car buying process for the buyer, save consumers money, and ultimately change the entire new car buying and selling process forever,” Urrutia said.

“With his vast network of automotive partnerships, negotiating and team-building skills, and strategic business expertise, Stan is clearly the right choice for bringing this next big disruptor to the forefront of our industry,” Urrutia added.

In addition to his role as CEO of GoGoCar and managing principal of T3 Consulting Group, Thomas has held management and executive positions with automotive companies such as DealerUps, eCarList and JM Family Enterprises.

“As an industry we’ve needed something like GoGoCar for a long time. Consumers are changing the way they want to interact with dealers when buying a vehicle, and we all need to adapt to fit the new model,” Thomas said. “I’m honored to help bring this next big wave to the dealership buying process.”

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