Automotive tech startup Carmigo announced this week it has reached a significant milestone: 4,000 vehicles sold on its online used-car marketplace.

Carmigo launched in January 2021 and sold just over 1,000 units its first year, before picking up significant momentum in 2022.

“Last year was an exciting ride, seeing the used car market reach stratospheric highs before plummeting back to earth,” Carmigo CEO and founder Andrew Warmath said in a news release. “We got to experience that unprecedented growth. But then we were quickly forced to adapt and innovate in order to grow when other companies in our industry were struggling.”

Warmath added: “What makes us different is that we’re not focused on the sale. We’re focused on making the transaction easy and beneficial for both parties. Coming from a dealership background, we know how hard it is to inspect and stock quality used cars, so we want to bring lot-ready cars to our dealership partners. We also know how hard it can be to sell your car. So Carmigo works to make it easier for everyone by connecting these two needs at scale.”