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TORONTO, Ontario — A Mazda dealership and two of its salesmen must face the Ontario Court of Justice in Orangeville next month after being accused of unfair practices by a customer.

The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council charged Mazda for Orangeville and salesmen Kien Trung and Mohammed Shaikh with "engaging in unfair practice by making an unconscionable representation."

These charges follow an investigation into claims made by a woman, who said she was sold a used vehicle in December at a price much higher than what the MSRP would have been on a new version of the same make and model.

Supposedly, the dealership sold the woman — who apparently is unemployment and receives disability pension — extra products and services for twice as much as what similar products would fetch from other dealers.

"It is further alleged the customer was not reasonably able to protect her own interests with regard to entering into a long-term contract for a car loan at the dealership," OMVIC officials noted. "The car loan was amortized over 96 months with a final payment remaining at the end of the term of over $7,000."

The accused must appear in court on May 12.