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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — OPENLANE revealed on Monday an enhanced opportunity exclusively for Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers that use Accelerate, the auction company's private label service for Ford franchisees.

Officials indicated that these dealers now can purchase Ford rental fleet vehicles from Ford Motor Credit Co. through Accelerate. They stressed that these dealers now have first access to late-model Ford rental fleet vehicles and an expanded inventory of hundreds of additional units every day.

Through this arrangement with Ford and Ford Credit, OPENLANE intends to provide additional upstream remarketing options to Ford-affiliated dealerships.

The company pointed out that Ford rental fleet vehicles are available from nine locations throughout the country at distribution centers operated by CT Services. The centers conduct business as Axis Vehicle Services, a vehicle marshaling and inspection service provider.

Furthermore, OPENLANE noted that Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers that wish to purchase off-rental vehicles can use their existing Ford Signature Floorplan or Ford DEFT (Dealer Electronic Funds Transfer) accounts to complete the online transactions.

In addition to providing vehicle inspection services, OPENLANE noted that Axis Vehicle Services can expedite the delivery process for dealers purchasing these fleet vehicles.

"Expanding our online services and inventory to include additional Ford rental fleet vehicles will provide Ford-affiliated dealers with even more options to choose from when buying rental vehicles online," explained Daniel Farrar, chief executive officer of OPENLANE.

"Our online marketplace, combined with the nationwide access that Axis Vehicle Services is providing, shows our continued commitment to helping dealers get the vehicles they need in the most efficient and time-sensitive manner possible," Farrar added.

Dealers can find more information about the Accelerate program at www.fcaccelerate.com.