Auto industry technology service provider Orbee announced a collaboration with inventory acquisition and management platform VINCUE with a focus on integrating VINCUE Boost — a VIN-specific, automated advertising engine — with Orbee’s customer experience middleware technology.

Orbee said its technology will integrate VINCUE Boost into new advertising platforms, expanding its reach and effectiveness and enhancing audience segmentation, allowing VINCUE Boost to deliver more targeted campaigns by connecting with customers across a broader range of digital channels.

In addition, Orbee’s campaign analytics are designed to provide in-depth reporting metrics into VINCUE Boost campaigns, enabling dealerships to analyze user behavior before and after engaging with VINCUE Boost ads.

The companies said that offers dealers a deeper understanding of the customer journey and the impact of their advertising efforts, helping them create campaigns that are both wider in scope and more precisely targeted to relevant audiences.

“In today’s competitive landscape, every second and every dollar counts,” Orbee director of product strategy Jamie Suid said. “That’s why we’re excited to team up with VINCUE. By automating vehicle selection, ad creation and campaign launch, we empower dealerships to scale their advertising efforts effortlessly, reaching the right audience at the right time, every time.”

The integration uses Orbee’s template engine to automate aspects of the advertising process, integrating vehicle inventory feeds with dynamic ad generation capabilities while VINCUE focuses on strategic management across digital channels.

The result, the companies said, is greater efficiency and a scalable solution for inventory and advertising management.

“Advertising in the automotive space is exploding with new technology,” VINCUE founder, CEO and chief technology officer Chris Hoke said in a news release. “There has never been a product that looks at each unit’s performance, outside of just age, to determine where ad dollars would be best spent — automatically and in real time.

“With the Boost engine, we developed the most unique and inventory-focused ad strategy, and with Orbee we’ll be able to connect the unit with the buyer with more precision and meet them wherever they are.”