F&I products and services provider and administrator Dealer Owned Warranty Co. has started a partnership with a company that produces technology assisting in returning lost vehicle keys via web-based communication.

Through the partnership between Dealer Owned Warranty Co. — or DOWC — and Keyfetch Automotive USA, Keyfetch Auto Protect provides customers with a keychain that reunites lost valuables with their owners anonymously.

The service is backed by a service contract. DOWC administers the contract, which covers the cost to replace a lost key or remote. To provide additional consumer protection, emergency towing up to 50 miles and lock-out services are also included.

Keyfetch Automotive USA’s technology creates a private and anonymous link between the owner and finder of lost keys, keyfobs and remotes. Through web-based communication, it assists in returning lost keys.

Consumers register at a MYKEYBACK website.

The system is available online 24 hours a day, every day. The finder of the lost keys visits the website to contact the consumer anonymously.

The company says the technology connects owners and finders directly in a quick, safe and efficient manner.

The Keyfetch Auto Protect Service Contract can be included as a dealer upsell option to be a pre-sale item at the time of vehicle purchase or lease.

Keyfetch can also private-label brand the keychains for the dealership, credit union or repair facility.

Participating facilities can also provide custom dealer-branded keychains and retrieval websites to their customers.

Keyfetch is one of various customizable products available to DOWC partner dealers and their customers.

“We achieve up to an 85% recovery rate thanks to our unique online retrieval system designed to protect members’ personal information at all times,” Keyfetch Automotive USA co-founder Cristian Stenstrom said in a news release.

“We are proud to offer Keyfetch on our menu of products,” DOWC founder Michael LaMotta said in a news release.

LaMotta continued, “The Keyfetch technology is simply awesome, and with a DOWC service contract it is seamless for dealers to provide and drivers to use. We are in the business of helping drivers protect their investment in their vehicles, and offering Keyfetch Auto Protect to reunite consumers with their lost keys is a no-brainer.”