Global digital marketplace IAA says PayPal is now a new payment option for vehicle purchases, registration, fees and vehicle transportation booked online.

As a result of the company’s customer experience, or CX discipline, IAA says it has researched and developed expanded payment options.

Those options, according to IAA, offer more purchasing power and accessibility from what IAA describes as “virtually anywhere in the world.”

Noting that PayPal supports 25 currencies and facilitates payments from 200 countries and regions, IAA says buyers will be able to choose to view charges in their preferred currency or in U.S. dollars.

IAA senior vice president of buyer development and innovation Justin Mahlik said the company’s focus on expanding its selection of payment options “is a direct result of IAA’s CX discipline and Voice of Customer (VOC) platform.”

“Direct buyer feedback gathered via our VOC platform provides us with a deeper understanding of the buyer’s journey including the payment process,” Mahlik said in a news release.

Mahlik continued, “Offering PayPal as an additional payment option for vehicle purchases, as well as for registration, provides IAA buyers around the world with greater buying capability, as well as an efficient way to process their transactions.”