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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — R. L. Polk & Co. rolled out a new Web-based system on Wednesday meant to aid dealers and direct marketing agencies when ordering lists for use in vehicle sales and service campaigns.

Company officials hailed Automotive Lists Online as a system that can identify consumers that are most likely to own a particular brand of vehicle, who are in the market to purchase a specific vehicle and who are likely to spend within a particular budget amount, among other criteria.

Laura Murray, product strategist at Polk, explained that this new tool is based on the company's Total Market Predictor list combinations. Three options dealers can choose from include vehicle ownership by make, vehicle ownership by make plus in-market timing, and vehicle ownership by make plus model year.

"We created this system to make list ordering faster and more efficient for our customers," Murray emphasized.

Polk went on to note that five additional packages for Automotive Lists Online are under development. The company indicated those packages will target likely motorcycle owners and individuals by automotive service preference — those who choose to do the servicing themselves and others who would rather take their vehicle in for service.

Officials also highlighted that Automotive Lists Online can enable users to enrich their lists with an array of data elements such as Target Score Predictor, ethnicity/language preference, household age, income and marital status.

Furthermore, they said the system can offer free customer file uploads such as dealer file suppression. Polk stressed that this feature can facilitate users de-duping a prospecting file in order to obtain pure prospects or target only their current customers according to certain attributes, such as likelihood to be in-market.

"Automotive Lists Online delivers around the clock access to the best prospect information so our customers can see new opportunities in their marketplace before anyone else," explained Andrew Price, vice president of Polk Automotive Retail Solutions.

"Based on Polk's highly trusted and preferred predictive information at local and national levels, this solution enables dealers and others with an automotive customer acquisition strategy to identify prospective customers through a more targeted approach," Price continued.

Dealers can access Automotive Lists Online at automotivelists.polk.com.