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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Porsche Cars Canada recently launched a new marketing campaign that may "surprise" shoppers by highlighting attributes of the brand's vehicles that may not be the first things that come to mind when they think about Porsche.

While the automaker's lineup might be better known for its performance, the "Porsche, unexpected" campaign sets out to teach shoppers about what the brand can offer when it comes to things like affordability, practicality and fuel economy.

The campaign — when was done by Yield Branding — Porsche sports cars are featured on a completely white background. Then, there is copy demonstrating the "two sides to every Porsche" matched up with front and rear views of the vehicle.

"This campaign marks an important time for Porsche Canada, in that we have created original concepts for this market," explained Chris Torbay, Yield's creative director.

"We wanted customers to see the brand in a different way and to do this, we needed to break away from the traditional presentation of the brand, both visually and in the advertising channels we selected," Torbay added.

"Intriguing contradictions" will be the focus on the ads for the featured vehicles, which are the new Boxter Spyder, Cayman, 911 and 911 Turbo.

For instance, the ad for the 911 will showcase the model's power as well as its fuel efficiency ("A model of performance; a portrait of efficiency.") The model's classic style will be contrasted against its technological amenities ("Timeless design; technical revolution.")

Meanwhile, the Boxter and Cayman ads will deal with price and practicality ("Less than you expected; more than you dreamed.")

Helping push the message of those ads, in particular, is Porsche Canada's Cash Currency Credits, which adapt to the variable U.S.-Canada exchange rate, thus helping to tackle the cross-border pricing disparity often facing the Canadian market. This gap has been spurred the strength of the Canadian dollar.

Customers can access up to $7,500 CAD, contingent upon on the vehicle, to finance or buy a new model from Porsche.

The campaign consists of newspaper ads and online banners, in addition to out-of-home billboards in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, which marks the "first time ever in Canada" it is using this channel.  

"We hope this campaign will bring Porsche closer to our audience and help potential customers understand Porsche better," shared Jasmin Rawlinson, Porsche Canada's director of marketing. "We feel that that the brand has a very good story to tell to a wide audience, particularly on the topics of practicality, versatility and price."