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CARY, N.C. — The Pre-Owned Automobile Dealers Alliance recently announced that registration is now open for a new Webinar series called Pre-Owned LIVE. These new Webinars, which are free and open to all interested dealers, will begin March 23 at 2 p.m. with a timely topic — Sourcing Pre-Owned Vehicles in the Tight Wholesale Market.

The free Webinars will be about 30 minutes long and will feature a new approach to the Webinar concept. Hosted by POADA executive Bill Zadeits, the group discussion will focus on topics and issues of high priority to dealers. The format of the Webinar will be much like a talk or call-in radio show and feature question-and-answer interaction between participants and POADA Partner companies.

The Webinar on March 23 will focus on providing strategies and best practices to help dealers cope with the current tight supply of pre-owned vehicles and also some discussion of the top news of the day. Representatives from SmartAuction, Manheim, Black Book, CARFAX and POADA will be on hand to drive the discussion and answer dealer questions. Click here to register for the March 23 event.

Participants are encouraged to submit comments, questions and potential discussion topics beforehand by e-mailing them to info@poada.biz.

"We are very excited about the new direction offered by Pre-Owned LIVE Webinars and the great content and guests we have planned," said Zadeits. "We are 100 percent committed to providing dealers with the best information and market news possible, and we believe that these online sessions will be a step forward in providing the next level of new information and interaction that dealers will find valuable."

Future Webinars in the Pre-Owned Live series are scheduled for April 20 and May 18. The April 20 Webinar will focus on inventory management and compliance issues and will feature representatives from DealerTrack, RouteOne, SmartAuction, POADA/CarMark and MAFS.

The May 18 Webinar will feature a certified pre-owned theme, and representatives from POADA/CarMark, Carfax, KBB/CDMData and Black Book will be on-hand for the discussion.

Additional Webinars and events are in the works for the rest of 2010. Visit www.poada.biz for the latest information about future POADA online and in-person sessions.

POADA was formed in late 2009 to help dealers sell more and profit more the pre-owned operations, identified by POADA as current model to five-year-old pre-owned vehicles. POADA's mission is to help dealers and Partners capitalize on opportunities and grow profits in the pre-owned marketplace.

POADA affiliation is open at no cost to all dealers — franchise, former franchise and independent — where retail inventory and sales fall primarily within the pre-owned market segment. For more information about POADA membership, visit www.poada.biz or contact Kati Knowland at (800) 608-7500 ext. 134 or e-mail kknowland@poada.biz.

To register for the March 23 Webinar, click here, or contact Marilu McQuilkin at (800) 608-7500 or e-mail mmcquilkin@poada.biz.