Less than a month after going out on its own, Predian is introducing a new product.

The provider of artificial intelligence and machine learning inventory management systems announced the launch of Talk to My Inventory, a large language model designed for improved inventory management reports.

The company said the new model “revolutionizes how auto dealers generate meaningful reports” by using AI and ML to build reports from “the vast amount of data surrounding vehicles” that dealers can use 24/7 to optimize their inventory.

Talk to My Inventory’s natural language processing algorithms are designed to extract information from various sources and transform it into actionable insights for informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data analysis.

In January, Predian, formerly a division of Redline Automotive Merchandising, announced it had spun off into a standalone company.

Predian said Talk to My Inventory reinforces its “commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the inventory management industry,” and said its goal is “to empower dealers to maximize operational efficiency and drive business growth with this new solution.”

“This revolutionary solution will enable dealers to generate actionable, easy-to-understand reports that provide meaningful insights into areas that need improvement,” Predian CEO Mike McGlade said. “By leveraging advanced data analysis techniques, our customers will have a competitive edge in optimizing their inventory management strategies.”