Black Book announced an integration with peer-to-peer vehicle transaction platform PrivateAuto to give buyers and sellers more visibility into the values of the vehicles on the platform.

PrivateAuto is designed to remove the middleman and provide an enhanced level of transparency to the private-vehicle sale process, using proprietary banking technology so buyers and sellers can safely close the sale on their own at any time.

The companies said adding Black Book’s valuations to the PrivateAuto platform helps ensure sellers get the most for their vehicles and buyers get the information they need to understand the value of the vehicle.

“Black Book’s data in PrivateAuto’s tools will allow consumers to maximize their profit and have peace of mind while selling their vehicles,” Black Book president Jared Kalfus said in a news release.

The integration can be accessed throughout the process of listing a vehicle, as well as on the vehicle detail pages in the Market Price Report section.

Once logged into the platform, potential buyers can view the report for any vehicle listed on PrivateAuto.

“Our technology makes selling a car privately safe, simple and secure,” PrivateAuto co-founder and CEO Brad Parker said. “By integrating with Black Book’s data, we can provide our users with a greater level of price transparency, set buyer and seller expectations and make more deals happen.”

PrivateAuto’s platform can be used to transact all titled vehicles for any dollar amount, including used cars, RVs, motorcycles, classic cars and ATVs.