Dealer software provider ProMax Unlimited announced Friday it has integrated its customer relationship management system with GoMoto’s Digital HUB kiosks.

“As a company that has continually pioneered auto software for over 20 years, we recognize a great new platform when we see it,” said John Palmer, ProMax’s chief executive officer. “And GoMoto is exactly what today’s consumers are looking for.”

GoMoto, an in-dealership technology retailer, offers a suite of options that drive customer engagement to capture analytics via its kiosks.

Shane Born, ProMax’s chief operations officer, commented on the benefits of the two companies’ seamless integration of products.

“We’re excited to be partner with GoMoto,” Born said. “Dealerships spend so much money on advertising, but too often neglect to invest in the customer’s in-store experience beyond new sofas and coffee machines. The GoMoto HUB is a win-win, greatly improving customer engagement and satisfaction and giving dealers invaluable information and a streamlined process at the same time.”

For more information on ProMax Unlimited, visit its site here. More info on GoMoto’s offerings can be found here.