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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Executives from PSCars.com want to take three-dimensional technology that's become so popular at the movies and transfer it to consumers who are looking for a used or new vehicle.

The site boasts a three-dimension showroom through its new solution, the Car Configurator. Executives contend that their online tool can connect consumers and dealers while they're researching, comparing and even building preferred vehicle choices online.

By using the Car Configurator at PSCars.com, officials explained that the user can take advantage of a tool they contend is based on a simple interface. They said it eliminates the need for scrolling or reloading while presenting all vehicle facts and a current market price.

Beyond basic data, the site pointed out that it can offer side-by-side comparisons of vehicles with 360-degree looks. Along with standard features, officials insist users can analyze vehicle amenities normally reserved for an in-person visit such as legroom, headroom and trunk space.

"Visiting individual dealerships can be time consuming," site officials believe.

"At PSCars.com, our highly visual 3D custom showrooms allow you to look through any brand's latest models and find the car you are interested in without leaving the comforts of your home," they continued.

Site officials wrapped up their discussion about the Car Configurator at PSCars.com by stating consumers who use the tool will be much more educated when they do enter the showroom ready to make a purchase.

"This process makes you a more qualified consumer," officials stressed. "It's the most advanced tool online."