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CHARLESTON, S.C. — PureCars and Carfax recently entered into a partnership meant to boost the value of a dealer's inventory that's listed on the Web site.

The agreement means dealers can give all visitors to PureCars.com free access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports, which they have purchased for their inventory.

One dealer shared how this arrangement would be beneficial. Chris Connolly is dealer principal at the Herb Connolly Auto Group, a franchised organization in business since 1918 that sells Acura, Chevrolet and Hyundai units.

"We've seen a significant increase in online sales once we began listing our inventory on PureCars.com," Connolly noted.

"It's a huge advantage for shoppers to view the Carfax Reports linked to our listings and see how our pricing measures up against the market," Connolly went on to say.

"It's true — when you give customers what they need, they'll buy faster and we make more money," Connolly added.

Company officials reiterated that a recent independent study shows that the inclusion of Carfax Reports in Web listings greatly influences an online shopper's choice. They highlighted how these reports can augment PureCars Value Reports.

"PureCars Value Reports together with Carfax Vehicle History Reports educates consumers and helps answer their two most common concerns when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle," explained Michael Veltri, chief executive officer of PureCars.

"Shoppers want to know what value they're getting, and the history of the vehicle. By teaming up, PureCars and Carfax are able to give consumers the confidence they need to make the right decision when choosing a vehicle that's best for them," Veltri continued.

"It's effective for dealers to provide these reports, as they include helpful information; information that oftentimes many of their customers are not even aware of," he concluded.