Quantum5, a holistic learning ecosystem in automotive designed to drive measurable performance through engagement and proficiencies, has acquired artificial intelligence-driven workforce engagement platform Trivie.

Quantum5, the automotive division of Ander, said the acquisition enables it to accelerate its mission of “helping the auto industry address the challenges it faces and provide today’s learners with a positive learning experience that drives retention and performance.”

The company said Trivie uses AI-generative tools to personalize learning content, build community and deliver higher learning experiences through knowledge reinforcement science, and its technology and design “builds on the science of retention of any learning.”

“Trivie’s AI technology, customer base and team are a great fit for the work we’ve done over the past five years to build human-centric ecosystems that serve individuals working in large enterprises to become better versions of themselves, every day,” Quantum5 chief vision officer Ken Herfurth said in a news release.

The company said incorporating Trivie’s technology in Quantum5’s automotive learning ecosystem will offer OEMs and dealers “an even more robust solution for upskilling and reskilling learners at all levels in an unlimited variety of ways.”

Trivie CEO Lawrence Schwartz said the acquisition gives Quantum5 the auto industry’s most comprehensive learning ecosystem.

“Over the past several years,” he said, “Trivie has helped solve problems for many industry-leading corporations by integrating brain science, gamification and detailed analytics into one elegant and easy-to-use technology platform.”

Quantum5 CEO David O’Brien said the addition of Trivie’s learning reinforcement science will “drive higher engagement for all learners using the system’s AI-driven retention strategies.

“Together, he said, “we’re bringing a new breed of learning technology to market that focuses on knowledge retention and retrieval, ultimately delivering a higher ROI for our customers.”