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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — In an effort to help dealers cultivate an image separate from the Dodge Brand, Ram Truck is launching its new marketing and advertising campaign on a variety of platforms. The goal is to capture more market share for its 2010 Ram Heavy Duty.

Brand executives believe this strategy can connect the Ram Heavy Duty customer to the nameplate on a deeper, more personal level. Executives stressed the importance of this marketing plan because they cited sales data that indicates one in eight vehicles sold in America today is a truck.

"The Ram Truck Brand customer has been clearly identified and this campaign marks the beginning of how we will begin to build a deeper relationship with that consumer," explained Fred Diaz, president and chief executive officer of Chrysler Group's Ram Brand.

"We know truck customers. We understand their passion and what drives and motivates them. We plan to connect with them on an emotional and rational level," Diaz continued.

Television Segment

Ram Truck officials are looking to execute this plan with five different television commercials that spotlight a different attribute. They shared a synopsis of each spot.

—In "Truck of the ______," executives said this commercial "examines the moments that make up everyday life and exemplifies how the Ram Heavy Duty will be there and never let you down. The Ram Heavy Duty is up for the challenge — in good times and bad, no matter what the weather may be or how difficult the task."

—In "Expectations," officials explained this spot "illustrates the type of demands placed on hard-working men and women and how important it is for their truck to deliver; these type of people do not back down from the tasks they are faced with everyday and neither does their Ram Heavy Duty."

—In "Secret Weapon," executives pointed out that "the very hard-working person knows what it takes to complete the tough jobs — guts, brains and the ability to take charge. ‘Secret Weapon' demonstrates the attributes of the Ram Heavy Duty which gives the hard-working person that extra edge to get the job done better."

—In "Lord Diesel," officials indicated that this spot "demonstrates the superiority of the legendary 6.7-Liter Cummins Turbo Diesel. It expresses the Ram Heavy Duty pickup's ‘don't back down to anyone attitude' and its powertrain leadership."

—In "Workhorse," executives noted that the commercial "focuses on the Ram 2500 and its HEMI V-8 engine. ‘Workhorse' highlights the enhanced capability of the Ram Heavy Duty, and solidifies its position of as the ‘workhorse' among heavy duty trucks."

Print Segment

Furthermore, Ram Brand has organized seven different print advertisements with what they described as having dramatic photography and authentic truck settings. Executives explained that the print campaign continues the theme of portraying hard-working Americans and the variety of solutions the Ram Heavy Duty can offer to meet any demand

Like with the television spots, Ram Brand offered a description of each print advertisement.

—In "Built To Work," executives noted the ad "features a Ram Heavy Duty in a power-line service situation. This ad utilizes dramatic photography in a remote location to emphasize Ram Heavy Duty's reliability and durability in traversing tough, remote landscapes and coming through for the people who perform these uniquely difficult tasks."

—In "Work the Land," officials state the campaign "celebrates the backbone of American agriculture and the Ram Brand's special relationship with this honest, wholesome vocation. This ad features clever uses of textures such as aged barn wood and rusty hinges to give it an authentic farm-look and feel. The hard work of these individuals and Ram Heavy Duty's ability to be a workhorse for those in the agricultural industry are showcased."

—In "Commute," executives said the ad attempts to convey that "extreme weather is no match for the Ram Heavy Duty especially when it's equipped with the iconic and powerful HEMI engine. This ad features the Ram Heavy Duty fearlessly plowing through snow to clear vital roads for those commuters who need a clear path to get to their jobs every day. This print ad truly reflects the sacrifice and sense of community duty that is typical of those who drive a Heavy Duty pickup."

—In "Day Off," officials stated that this ad shows "even when the Ram Heavy Duty is called upon to play, it's always working. This ad features the Ram Heavy Duty's ability to tow heavy loads, especially when it comes to hauling the toys. This ad highlights how the all-new refined interior works hard to help the customer relax in highly-crafted, high-tech environment."

—In "Trophies," executives pointed out how "even though getting hunting and fishing ‘trophies' requires roughing it; you will be more than comfortable in the Ram Heavy Duty's all-new refined interior and crew cab. Aimed at camping and hunting, this ad illustrates how the Ram Heavy Duty has your back when you're going for bragging rights off-road and off the beaten path."

—In "Right Foot," officials said often "those who like a powerful, capable truck typically have other powerful hobbies like racing cars on the weekend or bringing a vintage car to a classic car show. Those customers need a powerful truck to tow and transport those vehicles and other high octane toys like ATVs, motorcycles or whatever fuels their adrenaline rush. This ad is about keeping a big load balanced with standard integrated trailer brake control, a powerful HEMI engine, all from a comfortable and refined command center inside the cab."

—In "Multi-Million Dollar Athletes," executives contend that "heavy duty pickups are a mainstay of hauling horses. Whether it's your average farm horse or a thoroughbred worth millions of dollars, the Ram Heavy Duty has a proud tradition of involvement in the equestrian industry. Now, more than ever, it's ready to haul precious cargo, with its Cummins 6.7-liter diesel engine and its legendary ability to tow with precision and care. The all-new refined interior and crew cab will also make sure you're riding in comfort whether it's off to the next rodeo or the next horse race."

Online and Social Media Segment

Brand officials highlighted the roll out of a new Web site, RamTrucks.com. They emphasized that the site is designed to engage customers to build and price a unit or find truck accessories to meet their lifestyle

A coordinating Web site also has been launched to offer Ram Truck buyers the chance to purchase merchandise this demographic often wants and needs. The products available through http://www.outfitter.ramtrucks.com/ include items such as cow-hide work gloves, heavy duty watches and camouflage coolers as well as clothing for many kinds of weather conditions.

Also, Ram Truck officials plan to continue a blog known as "Ram Zone." Further efforts to leverage sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube also are in the brand's social media strategy.

Events and Partnerships

Ram executives are hooking up with Master Sportsman's Tours to showcase the Ram Heavy Duty further.

They mentioned that the Master Sportsman's Tour has a 26-state, 50-venue schedule in anticipation of giving more than 1 million hunters and fishermen an up-close look at the 2010 Ram Heavy Duty pickup.

Brand executives also are looking to coordinate with dealers in regions with a heavy concentration of hunting, fishing and boating participants to highlight Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickup trucks in conjunction with the Master Sportsman's Tour.

They added each tour stop will feature a Ram Heavy Duty Motor Trend Truck of the Year display trailer fitted with Cummins Turbo Diesel and HEMI engine displays and a Ram Heavy Duty mobile showroom.