Full-service transportation provider Ready Logistics has released two enhancements for clients that it says will make it easier for dealers to move vehicles from point A to point B.

One enhancement is a Transportation Status Tracker on that can help dealers keep tabs on their vehicles.

Ready Logistics enables dealers to order transport online or by phone, with a Ready Logistics expert handling the rest. The company says its second enhancement — a “Carrier Connect” portal — makes it easier for transporters to get the information needed to make successful deliveries.

The company said it is releasing the enhancements as more dealers are buying wholesale inventory digitally.

Regarding the first enhancement, the Transportation Status Tracker, Manheim dealers ordering outbound transportation from Ready Logistics for vehicles purchased in-lane or digitally will now be able to get the most-up-to-date status on their vehicle shipment in’s post-sale management portal.

Dealers could save considerable time with that enhancement, according to Ready Logistics. They could also be able to more easily plan for a vehicle’s arrival. Dealers will see the following status updates:

— Ordered: Pickup and drop-off location

— In Progress: Estimated pickup

— In Transit: Picked up and estimated delivery

— Delivered: Delivered on date

Dealers can view the transportation status for multiple vehicles on the summary page, or they can see individual vehicle transportation status on the vehicle detail page. Through the integration into the post-sale management portal, dealers can get a quote, request or place an order and check transportation status, and they can do that all in one place.

Regarding the second enhancement — the Carrier Connect portal — Ready Logistics has launched the portal for transporters, exclusive to the approximately 6,500 approved transporters in the company’s network.

With that portal, transporters will more easily be able to connect with Ready Logistics representatives via a live chat.

That, according to Ready Logistics, gives them the needed accessibility and support throughout the transport lifecycle.

The portal will also spotlight the “Carrier of the Month” and conduct live polling to generate real-time client feedback.

It will also serve as a single source for relevant industry news, FAQs, training and updates important to transporters’ success.

“Our goals have always been to help clients simplify their logistics and open up new avenues for them to source inventory,” Manheim Logistics vice president Joe Kichler said in a news release.

Kichler continued, “As dealers turn to technology to solve the challenges of conducting business in this time, we’re using technology to help solve transport challenges on both sides of the transaction. Now transporters can more effortlessly deliver vehicles, and dealers can more quickly get the information they need to keep their businesses moving forward.”