Auto service/repair technology and data provider Repairify and Autel U.S., a provider of automotive diagnostic, calibration and scan tools and software, announced integrations aimed at improving workflows and processes for collision and glass repair shops, as well as plans for product and service launches for 2024.

Repairify’s remote services and authentic OEM tool scans have been integrated into the Autel Remote Expert platform. The integration, available on Autel MaxiSYS Ultra series tablets and MaxiFlash XLink standalone communication devices, is designed to increase efficiency by reducing the number of in-shop tools needed to support vehicle diagnostics, calibrations and programming events.

This past summer, Repairify and Autel launched adasThink for Autel users to provide collision and glass shops with pre-repair insights into required vehicle calibrations, based on scan findings. The companies said that helps shops complete accurate estimates before a repair starts, reducing the likelihood of supplemental charges, increasing customer satisfaction and improving insurance reimbursement times.

Autel CEO Chloe Hung said the company’s goal is “to redefine the industry’s approach to the service and repair of the modern vehicle and, with one system, develop a comprehensive workflow to enable technicians to take the vehicle from diagnostics and repair to alignment, programming and calibration.

“That approach has helped our users provide their customers with superior repair and servicing of all vehicle systems, including vital safety systems.” She said. “Also, it enables shop owners to see efficient key-to-key operations and financial success.”

Autel and Repairify said they have several new releases coming in the first quarter of 2024.

  • asTech insights, designed to provide shops with vehicle-specific artificial intelligence-driven repair recommendations based on the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) identified during the pre-repair scan.
  • Repairify remote service expansion, which will make dynamic and static calibrations available through the Remote Expert Platform.
  • New next-generation Repairify calibration rigs, manufactured by Autel, for in-shop and mobile-express providers.

“This is truly one of the most exciting initiatives in the history of our company,” Repairify Global Holdings president Cris Hollingsworth said. “Our customers have consistently asked us to deliver a seamless and integrated ecosystem of product solutions for their vehicle diagnostic, calibration and programming needs.

“The combination of Autel’s world-class product solutions with Repairify’s global-leading technology, data, service and intelligence offerings provides shops the opportunity to service all aspects of vehicle repair through one product interface that drives maximum efficiency, increases customer satisfaction and ensures vehicles are repaired safely, accurately and through a certified process based on OEM procedures.”