Keys Inc. is preparing to launch its latest system to connect the locksmith and dealership industries next month at the ALOA Security Expo 2024 in Las Vegas.

The company said its new Keys Dealer DMS Queue is designed to streamline key management and enhance operational efficiency for dealerships by integrating with DMS providers to handle their vehicle inventory and key requirements.

When a vehicle is added into inventory, dealerships can select the number of keys that came with the vehicle. Keys Inc.’s API access enables the integration to pull vehicle inventory data directly from the dealership’s website into Keys Web Business Portal.

Keys Inc. said the system has the ability to determine the specific key needed for each vehicle through VIN parsing, allowing dealerships to add multiple keys to their cart and eliminate the need for manual key management.

The system also features tracking capabilities: when an order is placed, Keys Inc. said, its team will locate a locksmith in the dealership’s area to service the vehicles and the dealership can then price out the service cost for the bulk key order.

The company said its new system creates efficiency for dealerships and business opportunities for locksmiths.

“Keys Inc. is committed to driving the future of the locksmith and dealership industries,” CEO Loay Jamal Alyousfi said in a news release. “Our Dealer DMS Queue is a testament to our dedication to innovation and efficiency, helping both dealerships and locksmiths operate seamlessly and profitably.”

The ALOA Security Expo 2024 will be held July 27-28 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.