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DAYTON, Ohio — Reynolds and Reynolds said Wednesday it has rolled out a few upgrades to its WebMakerX 2.0 dealership Web site program that can help dealers improve the functionality and flexibility of their Web sites. 

Reynolds Web Solutions' enhancements to the product include improved organic search-engine optimization and a new blogging solution. 

Basically, these upgrades can help dealers attract more visitors to their Web sites. 

"We've enhanced the core WebMakerX 2.0 platform to adopt the leading features used by the best search engines today," stated Trey Hiers, vice president of corporate marketing for Reynolds. 

"All of these changes — implementing static, keyword-driven URLs for inventory pages, adding the Robots Sitemap Indicator to sites — have been shown to be effective ways to boost Web site rankings in search engine results," he continued. "Consequently, the dealership's Web site should be more easily found by consumers in the prominent search engines, leading to more leads and improved business results for the dealer."

The blogging tool from Reynolds Web Solutions allows dealers to add and manage blogs on their respective stores' sites in an easy and quick fashion. Dealers can use these blogs to share news and information with consumers. 

Not to mention, Reynolds indicates that blog content often can help dealers also boost their Web site ranking in search engines, thus giving them another way to drive Web site traffic. 

"These latest enhancements are an important part of Reynolds Web Solutions' continued focus on developing and delivering a robust set of tools to help dealers fulfill their digital marketing strategy, and, ultimately, attract more consumers to the dealership's products and services," Hiers shared. 

Reynolds Web Solutions Launches Blog

To help dealers understand the best practices for blogging, Reynolds Web Solutions has rolled out a blog of its own on its Web site. 

The platform for this blog is same that dealers would use in the blogging tool.