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DAYTON, Ohio — Reynolds and Reynolds announced another "competitive advantage" Tuesday for dealer customers who use the Reynolds ERA dealership management system and Web sites from Reynolds Web Solutions.

These dealers can now enjoy real-time inventory updates, which can help them build consumers' confidence in what they have to offer.

Basically, if a dealer uploads a vehicle into its ERA vehicle management screen or adjusts existing inventory records, the store's WebMakerX 2.0 Web site will automatically and immediately show these changes. 

Essentially, this allows dealers to show shoppers the most up-to-date information and details on vehicles in their inventory. This can include the status on the availability of particular unit, pricing, options, and other details.

"Real-time inventory is one more competitive advantage we can offer dealerships as they work to stay top of mind with customers," explained Trey Hiers, vice president of corporate marketing at Reynolds.

"When a dealer's online inventory is updated in seconds, instead of overnight, consumers see what's in inventory in that moment, not what cars might have been sold yesterday or even a few minutes ago," Hiers added. "That can help give consumers more confidence in the dealership's products and give dealers one more edge in building a relationship with consumers."

Dealers who have Web sites from Reynolds Web Solutions can enjoy the real-time inventory updates automatically. It does not require any additional keystrokes, nor does it require them to adjust their their ERA DMS or Web updating processes.

"Across the board at Reynolds, we continue to make consistent improvements to our products and real-time inventory updates for Reynolds websites is the latest example," Hiers continued. "It's also one more way we are helping to drive more efficiency and effectiveness into dealership operations."