Auto logistics platform RunBuggy has launched RunBot, a generative artificial intelligence system designed to integrate with RunBuggy’s transportation management platform and act as the central nervous system for orchestrating the automotive shipping process.

RunBot represents “a significant leap forward in enhancing user experience and reducing operational overhead,” the company said in a news release, using data-driven insights to autonomously manage 85% of shipping orders, minimizing the need for manual intervention and streamlining operations for shippers and transport companies.

“RunBot’s introduction marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of car shipping,” said Patrick Weinkam, RunBuggy’s head of data science. “By blending sophisticated machine learning models with our robust software platform, we’re not just predicting the future of automotive transportation, we’re actively creating it. “RunBot is set to redefine efficiency and reliability for our clients and the industry at large.”

RunBuggy said RunBot uses machine learning models to prioritize operational tasks, predict delivery challenges and offer actionable insights during complex scenarios, using its predictive capabilities to anticipate and mitigate logistical bottlenecks, often before they occur.

Weinkam also noted RunBot contributes to sustainability by reducing empty miles.

“Through RunBot, we’re not only improving the bottom line for our partners but also contributing to a greener planet,” he said, calling it a “win-win situation for business and the environment.”