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DETROIT — Saab Cars North America and OnStar reached an agreement late last week to continue to offer OnStar subscription service to brand customers under the automaker's new owner, Spyker Cars NV.

Officials said the agreement begins with model year 2010 vehicles and applies to Saab vehicles sold in the United States.

OnStar service is a standard feature on the Saab 9-3 Aero and the all-new Saab 9-5 models, units that will arrive at dealerships this summer.

"OnStar is a critical technology that our customers demand and expect," noted Mike Colleran, president and chief operating officer of Saab Cars North America.

"With this agreement, we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional service and support for Saab customers," Colleran added.

Among the well-known features of OnStar service are automatic crash response, monthly vehicle diagnostic e-mails and turn-by-turn navigation. Saab executives believe the availability of OnStar will make their 2010 models even more attractive since the MSRP is 4 to 12 percent lower than the previous year.

Additionally, Saab reported a return to leasing with GMAC Financial Services. That company is the preferred provider of wholesale and retail financial services for qualified Saab dealers and customers.

The leasing option was effective April 1 in the United States.