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TITUSVILLE, Pa. — This week, Salvage Direct announced the opening of a new, enhanced processing center near Philadelphia, marking its sixth facility in Pennsylvania and its 80th worldwide.

The company's 2010 expansion plan commenced when SD New Britain came online with a facility that's situated on a 21-acre parcel between Philadelphia and Allentown. Officials highlighted that SD New Britain includes 20 acres of secure outdoor storage as well as an indoor processing and warehousing hub that encompasses 25,000 square feet.

Like each of the company's facilities, Salvage Direct indicated that its new operation has an upgraded logistics network for processing and preservation. Executives contend that their enhanced processing program can expose more detailed information to bidders and increase the number of units in inventory that run and move.

"We're excited about the enhanced processing program," explained Bob Joyce, founder of Salvage Direct.

"This initiative takes vehicle information to the next level. Our runs/drives initiatives will now contain additional power and drive-train information complete with a new, multimedia presentation," Joyce continued. "Buyers benefit from complete disclosure and suppliers will experience even better recovery on their invested assets."