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CARY, N.C. — For dealers looking to gain tips from executives at some of the industry's top companies, time  is running out.

Close to 600 attendees have already registered for the second Webinar in the Auto Remarketing Training Series, which is free to all dealers and will be held Tuesday from 2 p.m. (EST) to 3:30 p.m.

The upcoming ARTS Webinar features a slew of experts from leading companies in the industry, including DealerTrack, OPENLANE, Carfax and Kelley Blue Book's CDM Data.

Specifically, making presentations during this week's Webinar are:

—DealerTrack: Doug Hadden, manager of training and development, presenting "Inventory Management Best Practices — Always Have a Plan." 

Hadden aims to help dealers identify the best-selling models in their market and then guide them to effectively sourcing these units. He will share tips on what to look for, how to find top performers in their markets and how to determine if specific vehicles make sense for individual stores.

—OPENLANE: Greg Lubrani, business line director, who will be leading the "Effectively Sourcing Wholesale Inventory Given the Changing Market" workshop.

As most know, the industry has been challenged by lower volume of quality used units and increased competition to acquire these vehicles. With this in mind, Lubrani's presentation will look at what the most successful dealers are doing to address this issue and how they are improving their bottom lines.

—Carfax: Jay Luna, process improvement manager, presenting "Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes to Close More Deals."

Luna will focus on evaluating used-vehicle shopper behavior and share advice on how dealers can exceed consumers' expectations. As consumers are doing more research, the presentation will discuss what research dealers need to be conducting and how they can separate themselves from their peers and apply this knowledge to boost their sales rates.

—CDM Data: Rob Lange, national sales training director for Kelley Blue Book, will lead "Strengthen Your Inventory's Online Presence in 2010."

In his workshop, Lange will provide some insight into consumers' shopping habits and preferences to help dealers make "quick and impressive" connections with online shoppers. Lange will also give pointers on how to collect, manage and distribute inventory to get the most out of online sales.

"These experts represent some of the best-of-the-best in the industry, and they can arm dealers with tools they can use to make 2010 a stronger year," said Bill Zadeits, associate publisher. "We are excited and honored to be working with OPENLANE, Carfax, DealerTrack and CDM Data in helping dealers maximize their potential."

Widespread participation at your store is encouraged, as the entire pre-owned staff at your dealership can benefit from this free Webinar, which will include a 20-minute presentation from each of the four speakers.

It will also feature an interactive Q&A portion, allowing attendees to write in with questions or ask the trainers directly via a live phone connection. If any questions are not addressed during the 90-minute Webinar, they will be e-mailed to presenters, who will then respond directly.

Participation is free. Additionally, speakers' presentation slides will be made available following the Webinar.

There are very minimal system requirements for the program being used (GoToMeeting.com). There is a diagnostic test you can run upon registration through GoToMeeting that will ensure that you will be able to run the program. 

You can register for the latest ARTS Webinar at http://www.autoremarketing.com/preownedsuccess.

There are also ARTS Webinars scheduled for April 13, June 15 and Oct. 12.