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FRANKLIN, Tenn. — The ServNet Auction Group recently hosted its first Meet the Owners event of 2010, kicking off this year's series of meetings with a gathering in Dallas earlier this month.

As some may know, the Meet the Owners meetings are designed to strengthen the relationships that the owners of ServNet's 22 independent auctions have with remarketers.

Attending the Dallas meeting — which was hosted by ServNet president Jeff Brasher, the owner of Brasher's Reno Auto Auction, and ServNet chief executive officer Pierre Pons — were representatives from the following remarketers: Chrysler Financial, GMAC, Mercedes Benz Credit, AmeriCredit, Hertz, Santander Consumer USA, American Honda Finance and Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

During the event, these remarketers engaged in discussion with auction owners and members of ServNet's executive staff.

As part of welcoming attendees, Pons and Brasher emphasized the ServNet members' strengths, which they cite as the following: long-term, multi-generational, independent ownership; established business practices; well-maintained facilities; and cutting edge technology.

"A strong Internet presence and online selling capabilities are essential in today's marketplace," Brasher noted. "ServNet auctions stand among the leaders in the industry with online tools that not only facilitate inventory searches, but offer simulcast auction selling through a variety of channels, including AuctionPipeline, which was created and developed by a team of ServNet auctions to deliver comprehensive online buying and selling capabilities."

Brasher emphasized that 100 simulcast lanes are offered via AuctionPipeline. He also noted there are more than 75,000 units available through AuctionPipeline. Eighty-two auctions report data to the service.  

"ServNet's participation in AuctionPipeline puts our auctions on an equal footing with upstream and special event sales," Brasher continued.

Meanwhile, Pons shared how ServNet auctions can utilize data from AuctionPipeline to offer in-depth analytical reporting to their national accounts.

"With ServNet's national footprint and the full participation of our member auctions, we're able to provide our customers with market data for all regions, coast to coast," Pons shared.

"ServNet auctions continue to raise the bar in the industry with the development of new technology, improved selling tools and a shared commitment to the values that have kept these independent auctions at the forefront of the industry for decades," he continued.