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FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Similar to other organizations in the auction industry, ServNet Auction Group applauded and unanimously supported the National Auto Auction Association's revamped arbitration policy at its annual business meeting last month and adopted it at its auctions effective Jan. 1. 

"While all of the ServNet auctions agreed to adopt the Arbitration Policy in principal following the NAAA convention last fall, the owners felt it was important to address the policy as a separate agenda item at its annual meeting in December, and to formally adopt it as a standard at all ServNet facilities, effective Jan. 1, 2010," stated ServNet chief executive officer Pierre Pons.

"Standardizing auction procedures and policies is of ultimate benefit to the auction customer, and we believe adopting this policy is another move forward in providing the highest levels of service to both auto dealers and national accounts," he added.

Officials said the policy was crafted under the leadership of the current and most recent NAAA presidents, Dave Angelicchio of Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction (current) and Bob McConkey of DAA Northwest (most recent), both of whom are ServNet auction owners.

"Dave Angelicchio and I were both firmly committed to the work involved in developing a standard arbitration policy last year, and are very pleased to note the entire auto auctions industry's support in adopting it," McConkey shared. "We both saw the need for a unified policy that would make doing business across the board seamless for auction customers, improving the buyers' experience at the auction and streamlining processes for remarketers.

"We made some outstanding progress over the past year, with the support of both Manheim and ADESA, and I expect the NAAA's focus on standardization will continue," he continued.

Angelicchio added: "This concept of strategic cooperation will take our industry to an entirely new level. Whether we are independent auction operators or part of a corporate group, there is so much we can do together that can improve the auction experience for our customers.

"As we work together, with a common focus, we will all benefit," he concluded.