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PHOENIX and McLEAN, Va. — Skywerks, a provider of dealership management systems software, said Tuesday that it has added NADA Used Car Guide vehicle values into its new iPhone product and soon-to-be-launched Deliverance DMS product.

Explaining how the iPhone application works, officials noted that it essentially is a tool to manage NADA vehicle values and doesn't need updating.

The AT&T network allows walk, talk and book sessions at the same time.

The application also taps into wireless 802.11 g/n networks when they're available, helping to boost its speed.

"The seamless integration of NADA used-vehicle values into our product is a great benefit to our customers," commented Royce Olliver, marketing director of Skywerks. "Now dealers have the most up-to-date information inside our applications, both desktop DMS and mobile."

Continuing on, the Deliverance DMS will give dealers access to NADA retail, trade-in (rough, average, clean) and loan values. This can help assist them on making the best decisions regarding vehicle sales or trades.

NADA said it provides various integrated solutions designed to make it easy to add in its values throughout various platforms.

"We're focused on providing the most complete, accurate and convenient vehicle valuation data on the market through a variety of tools and value-added relationships," explained Mike Stanton, vice president and chief operating officer, NADA Used Car Guide. 

"This is another example of how we're doing that, by teaming up with Skywerks to channel this data and information to dealers in a user-friendly and creative way," he added.

Officials said the Skywerks' iPhone application is incorporated into the Deliverance DMS. Basically, this means that booked vehicles can move as "pending inventory" into a dealer's database.

There is also another feature that hooks into the DMS system and Web gateway. By doing so, this lets dealers combine inventory and pictures they have taken on their iPhone and then send them over to Skywerks.

Authorized dealer vendors can then access this data and redistribute it.

And, as Skywerks pointed out, information can be sent in the other direction, as well. This lets iPhone users on the go check out inventory, pending retail sales and BHPH customers, officials noted.

Moving on, Skywerks said it plans on rolling out an API, which would let such DMS providers as ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds and Arkona, among others, to integrate and utilize the iPhone data.

This will let dealers transmit saved booked-out sheets to their own DMS systems.

"One of the feature-rich application benefits for a larger dealership is allowing multiple iPhone users within the organization to share book-out sheets amongst devices, which jointly optimizes NADA values and user features," officials noted.