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RENO, Nev. — Social Automotive on Tuesday launched a new platform on its Web site that attempts to blend industry professionals including dealers with enthusiasts and shoppers through many social media outlets.

Site executives explained that through its interactive platform they want to shift the culture of the industry. It's their goal to be the first collaborative community centered on vehicles.

Platform features that Social Automotive highlighted were:

—Questions and Answers: Users can ask a variety of questions that will be answered by a network of automotive professionals to assist them with their needs.

—Owners and Professionals: Enthusiasts can create profiles to socially interact with others.

—Integration of Facebook and Twitter: Users can distribute updates, blogs and images between social networking sites.

—Automotive News Blogs: Users can read, write and share information.

—Images and Videos: Users can post a variety of images and videos.

"We understand the current period of change in the automotive industry and the gaps in the business environment created by these changes," stated Wesley Gregg, founder of Social Automotive.

"Equally important, we also understand social media and its potential influence on our specific industry," Gregg continued.

"By combining these two, we are focused on strengthening the automotive industry's Internet presence, while establishing Social Automotive as a reliable resource for both automotive professionals and shoppers," he went on to say.

The platform is available at SocialAutomotive.com.