Many business practices and processes that were common for automotive reconditioning businesses just weeks ago are no longer advised, and they may not even be possible.

For those businesses such as PDR, wheel repair, paint, glass, interiors, detailing  or SMART repairs, the current global health crisis is unsettling, says auto reconditioning software company AutoMobile Technologies, or AMT.

To ease that unsettling feeling, ReconPro by AMT allows technicians to deliver complete estimates for approval via email.

That means the customer can use an email quick-link to respond with an approval, allowing the technician to get on with the work.

The software allows delivery of invoices and other documents via email. ReconPro said that allows technicians to keep business going without being in the customer’s physical presence.

With digital management, technicians can track that the information is delivered to the right person, or they can resubmit as needed. The company says that is a more efficient method of getting the approval or payment authorized.

It also means technicians and customers can “work together while being apart,” the company said.

Also to connect business digitally, on ReconPro’s Client Portal, each wholesale customer can log in to see and transact with each repair in process. That means instead of sending an email for each approval or invoice, the technician can provide a link allowing customers access to any of their open estimates, invoices or other materials shared with them.

A unique link for each customer can provide them access to only their work, and they can provide approvals and gain access to all available estimates and invoices on a single dedicated web page.

When work requires a customer’s attention, the technician no longer must print out forms or deliver them in person. While maintaining a safe distance, everyone has efficient access to the information they need.

Client Portal is normally a premium add-on to ReconPro, but to help keep technicians and customers safe and productive during the current challenging times, AMT is activating Client Portal on all ReconPro accounts at no additional cost for the rest of the year through December.

An overview video on setting up email deliveries and client portal is available.