In a little less than a month from first making the decision known publicly, Solera Holdings announced on Monday that it has completed its acquisitions of Omnitracs, DealerSocket and eDriving.

Omnitracs is a leading fleet management platform, while DealerSocket is a SaaS provider to the automotive industry and eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner for many of the world’s largest commercial fleets.

Solera highlighted in a news release that its expansion through these transactions is “transformative” for both customers and the industry as “customers around the world will benefit from lower complexity and reduced friction at all touchpoints in the vehicle lifecycle with fully integrated, intelligent technology platforms.”

Solera now has operations in more than 90 countries

“We are excited to continue transforming the industry with the additions of Omnitracs, DealerSocket and eDriving. These acquisitions enable Solera to further enhance our end-to-end vehicle lifecycle solutions for customers and bridge the gap between vehicle and driver performance on a global scale,” Solera chief executive officer Darko Dejanovic said in the news release.

“Solera is uniquely positioned to lead the industry through innovation, geographic expansion and additional strategic acquisitions,” Dejanovic went on to say.